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BESTON’s story of brand:

◆What is the Brand?
    Brand is people's evaluation and cognition of a company and its products, after-sales service, which is a kind of cultural value and trust, representing the comprehensive quality of the products, and people will always associate a certain brand with the fashion, culture and values. When a company creates the brand, it also sets the fashion, and cultivates the culture, as it grows stronger, upgrading from low added value to high added value and shifting to such high level as product development advantage, quality advantage and cultural innovation advantage, and only after the brand culture is recognized and accepted by the market does brand generate its market value.
◆What does Brand mean?
·Brands means high quality life, trust, dependence and say No to non-brand
·Trustworthy QS
·Short circuit protection, imported smart chip and full charge automatic protection in line with international standards.
·Perfect after-sales services
·BESTON, one year warranty, worry-free VIP after-sales services are available all over the country.
◆Believe in the power of the Brand
BESTON, is a global leading brand of digital power supply, whose main products include mobile phone battery, charger, mobile power supply and other accessories; digital camera battery, chargers and other accessories, as well as Ni-MH rechargeable battery, chargers, alkaline battery, Li-Mn button cell, etc., and has passed through more than 10 international certification, such as UL, CE, EK, CCC, GMP, ROHS, etc.
◆Mobile phone accessories
Intelligent mobile phone rechargeable battery, intelligent mobile phone battery charger, mobile phone peripheral accessories, single and double USB car charger and other accessories
◆Digital camera/video camera accessories
Digital camera/ video camera rechargeable batteries/digital camera/video camera battery chargers, dedicated digital peripheral rechargeable.
◆Rechargeable batteries
Ni-MH battery charger, lithium battery and charger, alkaline batteries, etc
◆Featured series
Mobile power supply, USB charging cable, USB car charger and so on.